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Grilled Sandwiches by Marideth


To make grilled sandwiches extra special, sprinkle onion granules, garlic granules (these are both very different than powder) and some thyme/basil/oregano or whatever over the bread before toasting.

My kids love this so much that I've taken a tub of good margarine and whipped herbs and spices in so they can quickly cook a special snack or meal. Spread on buns or bread, sprinkle with cheese and pop in the oven for quick garlic bread, toss with hot noodles, put in the pan before making scrambled eggs. What a simple way to make plain things special! And you aren't limited to the Italian style herbs . . . there are a lot of variations!

- Recipe courtesy of Marideth.

These Grilled Sandwich ideas work well with other Blue Turtle seasonings also. Send your ideas!