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The Story

The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co. opened in November 2009 at the corner of State & College in Uptown Westerville. After 2 years, the store was closing and I took it over so I could keep getting Kyoto Inspiration green tea. Really!
Well, that was one reason. Also, many regular customers still wanted to get the products and it was a nice blend with my other business, a promotional products company.


So, I moved the inventory to my showroom around the corner. The tea and spice shop is just 500 feet east of State Street, not far but not easily visible from State Street. Hours are 12 - 5 pm Wednesday through Saturday and for Uptown events like 4th Fridays. There is parking along Main Street and a parking lot in the back in Noble Alley. 

Frequently people asked “Where’s the Blue Turtle?” After 2 years, I added products that weren’t teas or spices and people were still asking “Where’s the Blue Turtle”. I named the location “Uptown On Main” so everyone would know where the shop is located and I feature The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co. as the brand of teas and spices sold here.

Stop in soon!

Elaine (aka ‘Tea Goddess’)